Dental Implants - Midlothian, VA - Replace Missing Teeth

If you've already made your list of New Year's resolutions, you've most likely included goals to improve your appearance. While most people resolve to follow a new fitness plan or eat a healthier diet, improving your appearance could be as simple as beautifying your smile. If you have missing teeth in Midlothian, VA or other dental imperfections, others notice. Fortunately, dental implants can improve your appearance and self-esteem so you can tackle the New Year with confidence. Here are a few of the top benefits implants can offer you this coming year.

Improved Appearance

One of the top benefits implants offer is improved appearance. Missing teeth cause unattractive holes in the mouth, but they can also alter the shape of the jaw over time. This is because the bone of the jaw begins to degrade once a tooth has been missing for a while. As the bone degrades, it can alter the appearance of the jawline and cause you to look older than you really are.

Dental implants can keep this from happening by stimulating the jaw bone and preventing it from atrophying after tooth loss. So if keeping the shape of your face is important to you, implants can help.

Restored Function

Whether you're missing one or 10 teeth, eating can be a challenge. Exposed gum tissue increases oral sensitivity and can make it painful to enjoy some of your favorite foods. Once you replace all of your lost teeth with implants, your dental function will be restored and you'll have the freedom to eat the things you want without discomfort.


Implants are a reliable, long-term solution for tooth loss. The posts are made of durable titanium and the crowns are typically made from high-quality porcelain. If you want a tooth replacement solution you can depend on for years to come, implants are a wise choice.

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